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US should invest in energy, not war


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In his letter published in the RDR’s July 9 edition, John Yates expressed his concern of the undermining of our energy security by the dumping of light crude by the OPEC nations.

While his concerns are valid from the oil producers’ point of view, I would like to offer my view as a concerned citizen that our dependency on Middle East crude is a real threat to our energy security, our national security and to our personal safety. Our dependency on any foreign crude is a threat to our long-term overall security.
In 2016, we imported some 8 million barrels daily. This amounts to roughly $130 billion, which is 25 percent of our entire 2016 trade deficit. This money could have been more wisely invested in our own nation by American companies building and installing renewable energy installations while providing economic growth, and much-needed high paying jobs for American workers.
According to Osama bin Laden, the reason for the 9/11 terrorist attacks were our military troops stationed in Saudi Arabia, which is considered the most holy land of Muslim nations. The following so-called War on Terror was, in many respects, the most unnecessary and wasteful war ever fought in the history of our nation.

The threat of terrorism is even greater today, and with virtually no improvement in our energy security.
The defense of our Middle East petroleum interests have been extremely costly in human life and suffering as well as in the tax dollars used to support the three wars over the past 30 years. The loss of lives and the $4 to $6 trillion spent have produced no real positive results.
Since 2003, we have imported roughly 8 billion barrels of Middle East crude. Considering the war cost of $4 trillion, this amounts to an estimated $500 per barrel. The total cost in American lives and tax dollars is far more than I was willing to pay.
Had we invested even $500 billion in research, development and installation of renewable energy systems rather than war, our nation would be energy independent today. It is time to invest in America’s long-term energy future rather than war.
John Grogan