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Minimum wage increase needs to be addressed


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As I see it, there are two sides to the $15 per hour minimum wage debate.

For a small business like myself, it is another payroll tax increase and could put many of us under. Unemployment would soar simply because small businesses cannot afford an additional tax increase. It certainly would not stimulate hiring increases.
We are already having to pay for government-imposed tax collection under threat of penalty, while large corporations enjoy huge tax breaks. Employers spend a great deal of time and expense training people for a job that may take a couple of years to show a return on that investment.
On the other hand, a $15 per hour minimum wage would put money back into the economy. People need things and could afford to buy more. Their quality of life would improve, money would circulate and the economy would grow. Communities would benefit from additional GRT revenues.

I think that government should find ways to subsidize 50 percent of that minimum wage, without all the bureaucracy, and avoid placing the burden on small businesses who are already squeezed to the limit.
One way would be to look at redirecting monies earmarked for programs that provide incentives for people not to work. Another would be to extend unemployment insurance during a training period for new hire, up to two years.
My fear is that our elected officials will do nothing to address this very real problem, only because it is an ideal political wedge issue, much like other wedge issues used to divide us into one camp or another.
Fred Moran

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