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Monday is final day of Summer Reading


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This Monday will mark the final day of the Summer Reading Program and the last day for turning in hours and T-shirt order forms. No more will be accepted past the end of July.

There’s still one more special summer performance and Tween Craft to attend before the program comes to an end, too.
For any questions or for more information, you can contact the Library by calling 575-622-7101, visiting us at 301 N. Pennsylvania Ave., and liking us on Facebook and Instagram @RPLnm.

Book Talk by Tomás González
Reference Librarian
Pat Garrett is best known as the person that shot and killed Billy the Kid. His time as sheriff of Lincoln County, New Mexico, and his chasing of Billy the Kid and his gang is what made Pat Garrett a household name.
The book “Tall Tales & Half Truths of Pat Garrett” by John LeMay attempts to give Garrett a rightful telling of his life all to his own without being overshadowed by Billy the Kid. The book is divided by different chapters in Garrett’s life.
Short stories of events that happened during these time periods are given with research to provide a historically accurate account of what really happened and to separate the fictitious lore associated with these events. Some say that a curse was put on Garrett for killing Billy the Kid and the misfortunes that followed Garrett after might hold some weight to being true.
Below are a couple of examples of the many tough times that followed Garrett after his time as Sheriff of Lincoln County.
Garrett had to fight with the governor of New Mexico to collect his reward for the killing of the Kid. There was a $500 reward that had been offered for the capture or killing of the outlaw, but after it was done and it was time to pay, loopholes and stipulations suddenly appeared that held up the payment to Garrett.

Taking a trip to Santa Fe to meet with the state Legislature to help in this matter, Garrett spent about $500 of his own money to help gain favor with legislators to help collect his money. After word spread of what had happened, the town of Las Vegas, New Mexico, business owners and private citizens across New Mexico began to donate money to help show their gratitude for what he had done to bring peace in New Mexico.
Another event of the mounting misfortunes that followed Garrett was his time working with irrigation companies. Most of the companies he invested in failed and he took it upon himself to find a way to create an irrigation channel for the Pecos Valley.
He teamed up with Charles B. Eddy to accomplish this feat and Eddy approached J.J. Hagerman with the idea. Hagerman provided money for the project, however, he disliked Garrett and kicked him out of the deal. This would prove to be a great misfortune for Garrett as this project was responsible for the starts of many of the nearby towns in Chaves County such as Dexter, Lake Arthur, Hagerman and others that emerged after the newfound water source appeared.
These stories along with many more are detailed in LeMay’s book on Garrett. Fans of this time period in New Mexico history might also enjoy LeMay’s other book told in a similar style, “Tall Tales & Half Truths of Billy the Kid,” which is also available at the library.
Amanda Davis is a reference librarian at the Roswell Public Library. She can be contacted at A.Davis@roswell-nm.gov.


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