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More fun activities to come in the fall


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Summer Reading has once again come to a close, but that doesn’t mean all the fun activities will come to an end. The Children’s Department is preparing lots of great new programs for the fall, as well as getting the T-shirts ready for those who earned one during Summer Reading, so there will be no Story Time during the first two weeks of August. Story Time will resume on Wednesday, Aug. 16 with a “Back to School” theme.
For any questions or more information, you can contact the library by calling 575-622-7101, visiting us at 301 N. Pennsylvania Ave. or the website at roswell-nm.gov.

Book Talk by Bianca Cheney
YA/AV Librarian
On a recent extended road trip, we decided to listen to an audio book in the car, and it was fun! Mystery, money, murder and marriage are all included in this wonderful book, “I Heard That Song Before,” written by Mary Higgins Clark.
As a young girl, Kay Lansing goes to work with her dad one day (he is the landscaper for the wealthy Carrington family) and as she’s wandering around the property, she goes into the chapel and overhears an argument between a man and a woman. They don’t see her. Since she doesn’t know who they were or what was meant by their conversation, she didn’t tell anyone and forgets about it for about 20 years — until she has the opportunity to visit the Carrington estate again, in a professional capacity.
Grown-up Kay is looking for a location for the local literacy group’s annual fundraiser cocktail party and visits recluse Peter Carrington to ask his permission to use the mansion. He tells her no and yet just before she signs a contract with another location, she hears from his manager that he will agree to host the party.

His family has some bad history in the community and he now sees this event as a way to improve their image. The party is a huge success and in the process, Kay and Peter begin dating and shortly thereafter get married. The timing of the event is interesting because right after the party, the press releases an old story about the disappearance of young socialite, Susan Althorp, from the Carrington mansion. Her body was never found. Peter was apparently the last person to see her alive and is the number one suspect, even though there is a lack of evidence against him.
Peter’s first wife Grace is also dead — was it suicide or murder? Peter is again the main suspect, with no evidence. Both cases are reopened and soon a witness comes forward to say they originally lied about a key piece of evidence many years ago. Peter is arrested and Kay is determined to clear his name; she doesn’t believe he’s capable of these crimes. She’s determined to figure out who those two people were who were arguing so many years ago. In her mind, it’s the only way to clear her husband.
The story is told from Kay’s perspective and continually introduces new characters and new angles; there are quite a few interesting twists and turns. As soon as you guess who the killer(s) might be, more information is presented and you’re just not sure anymore.
The Roswell Public Library has many of Mary Higgins Clark’s books in our collection — in paperback, adult fiction, mystery, large print, Spanish, e-book and of course audio book. Unlike lots of authors, most of her books are standalone novels and can be read in any order.
Amanda Davis is a reference librarian at the Roswell Public Library. She can be contacted at A.Davis@roswell-nm.gov.