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Have you received a bill from a laboratory you’ve never been in for tests your provider told you were being performed at their own laboratory? Here’s some definitions to help you understand why this has happened:

LABORATORY: A place equipped for the performance of tests and the examination of materials obtained from the human body (blood, urine, tissues, spinal fluid or cells) for the purpose of providing information on diagnosis, prognosis, prevention or treatment of disease which meets all Federal regulations to do so.

DRAWING STATION: A facility that collects blood, urine and culture specimens to be sent to a central lab like the hospital or local independent reference laboratory but does not perform tests of any kind – IT’S NOT A LABORATORY.

PHLEBOTOMY STATION: A room located within a Laboratory which collects blood, urine and culture specimens to be run at that facility which could be part of a hospital laboratory, independent reference laboratory or physician’s office laboratory.

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INDEPENDENT REFERENCE LABORATORY: Laboratories which are not owned or operated by a state or other governmental bodies or affiliated with a hospital, but which are competent, accredited and of good reputation meeting all Federal regulations to perform testing on all analytes they are certified for.

So, now that you know the differences, let’s talk about why you got a bill from a laboratory that was not from your provider. Your provider probably gave you a laboratory order to get testing done and told you to go “to the lab”. In actuality you went to his/her “drawing station.” After your blood was drawn, it was processed and sent to the hospital or an out of town reference laboratory for the test(s) to be run because your provider didn’t run the test in their facility. The bill you received was from the laboratory actually performing the test(s) in question.

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It’s your right, and even your responsibility, to ask “is the testing performed here, and if not, where and what will it cost me?” when asked to go to “the lab”. There’s a good chance you could get the same testing performed locally here at C-B Laboratory, which is a CLIA approved high complexity independent reference laboratory, for a lower cost. It’s worth shopping around as the cost of medical care goes up, including insurance premiums, while reimbursement goes down. Just be sure the laboratory you choose meets Federal guidelines.

If your provider isn’t willing to give you the laboratory order to get a price comparison – ask why. Above is a comparison of our pricing and one other facility in town. Remember – “CB Laboratory” when you receive your laboratory order. We’ll be glad to take care of your needs. You can take your laboratory test request to the facility of your choice – YOU HAVE THE RIGHT!

Sad to say goodbye but we support Alicia Morales and wish her luck as she goes forth to become a medical technologist!


313 W Country Club Rd Ste. #8
(575) 622-1972
Mon – Thurs 7am to 5pm
Fri 7am to 2pm
All major forms of payment are accepted

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