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Constitution guarantees we have the same rights


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I love it when I hear a liberal quote the Constitution, as John Grogan did Wednesday morning in his letter titled, “Trump’s policies will hasten US decline.” His idea of “we the people” is of course “We the people who don’t like Trump.”

The people voted, Trump won, so the people won. That’s the way our Constitution set it up. It’s time as they say to “Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.” You may not like the policies of the new administration, and the Constitution guarantees you are free to disagree with them, just as I disagreed with the previous administration’s policies.
The social and economic policies of the Democratic Party are the equivalent of turning our great mansion of a country into low-rent apartments. I agree that the middle class of this country is the backbone of our nation. It is time the Democratic Party did something to help them instead of pushing policies that kill jobs and keep people on welfare.

Promoting the general welfare of “we the people” doesn’t mean paying for everything every citizen might want, it means guaranteeing that they have the same rights as everyone else to pursue what they want. The United States military is finally getting the support and respect it deserves. I personally don’t care what it costs. They guarantee that you and I have the right to disagree.
Don Determan