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Letter writer distorted Constitution’s purpose


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Mr. Grogan’s letter on Wednesday is a gross distortion of the Constitution, its purpose and the author’s intent. The Constitution was written to correct the deficiencies of the Articles of Confederation, which became so obvious during the Revolutionary War. It was not written to promote some kind of social agenda.

If one reads the preamble closely, this is obvious. It was to provide the ability to raise an army, to finance national defense, to make treaties and to regulate trade. Three of those authors, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay, wrote 85 articles, known as the Federalist Papers, explaining the Constitution, its safeguards and presenting its separation of powers.
This was necessitated due to the absolute detestation of the Founding Fathers, to any kind of monarchist or elitist central government. The “we the people” referred to the common interest of peoples of the various states to secure their common interests. The Constitution went further by defining those limited powers that the central government could pursue, known as the enumerated powers of government.

A movement to alter the constitution started primarily with president Woodrow Wilson, a pseudo Socialist and academic elitist. Woodrow Wilson never worked in any environment other than his academic, ivory tower, utopian, intellectual, elitist circles. A more definitive document defending the rights of the common man was the Declaration of Independence that claimed the natural laws of nature and nature’s God rather than an all-powerful central government.
The progressives, in their zeal to help the common man take away his right to self-determination in favor of a central government that will decide for him. This is the attitude that you are not smart enough to make decisions, so we will do it for you. If one wants to see the results of a progressive socialist government, read the news about Venezuela.
William Dawe