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Nude man subdued at police station


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The Roswell Police Department’s Facebook page described their Monday morning as unusual, even for a police agency.

Around 5:30 a.m., police dispatch received a call from the 100 block of South Richardson Avenue regarding a disorderly subject.
According to a criminal complaint, authorities were advised that a bald man was grabbing himself in a suggestive manner, asking a woman to go to the bathroom with him. An RPD sergeant advised the man that he was trespassing.
About 30 minutes later, an RPD front desk employee saw the man come into the building and walk to the restroom. Police said the man returned with significantly lesser clothing – he was completely naked as he entered the lobby of the Police Department.
RPD’s Facebook page said the man asked the desk employee, who was safe behind tinted glass, to give him access to another area of the building, which was denied.
The same sergeant, who previously made contact with the 180-pound man, arrived at the lobby and attempted to subdue the man. The sergeant advised that he needed assistance.
Another officer ran in to assist, finding the sergeant on top of the naked man.
Police said the man was advised several times to place his hands behind his back. While he reportedly responded with “OK,” police said he did not comply.

After officers had subdued the man, emergency medical services were called to check on him, as he was sweating profusely and yelling out random names, according to the criminal complaint.
The man was intoxicated on drugs or alcohol, according to the RPD.
An RPD officer said in the criminal complaint that he knew the man was a methamphetamine user and tended to remove his clothing in public, and perform other inappropriate activities.
The RPD said, thankfully, an officer was able to locate a pair of shorts the man may have discarded.
“Officers placed the shorts on the man to bring a much-needed end to an unwanted display,” the RPD wrote.
Ricardo Alaniz, 49, was charged with indecent exposure and resisting arrest.
According to New Mexico court records, this is not Alaniz’s first time being charged for either. Alaniz has had 20 other cases against him just in Roswell magistrate and district courts.
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