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Considerations for choosing life


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The Aug. 1 edition of the RDR had an article telling how a TV series about teen suicide may have triggered some web searches on that subject. Hollywood has been accused of glamorizing suicide more than once.

Our culture is going in a direction that makes suicide seem like a reasonable option. If God is nonexistent or irrelevant, why should we bother living if life seems unpleasant? If God exists and He loves us beyond measure, we know He has purpose in suffering. We can trust Him in good times and bad times.
Perhaps the following points will cause someone to reconsider a decision to end his/her life.
1. All deaths carry an awesome sense of finality. Suicide seems to be the most difficult death with which a family must deal. It carries an especially devastating emotional upheaval. Do you wish such an upheaval on those you love?
2. You will be missed at every family gathering for years, perhaps decades to come. “I wish Bob could be here for this Thanksgiving (wedding, to see our new baby, to play basketball with our son, to hear how well his nephew plays the trumpet”).
3. You will hurt people you don’t even know. Your friends have other acquaintances you have not met. These other acquaintances will be upset by the grief you caused your friends.

4. Someone, perhaps your dearest friend, will be the first to find your lifeless body and could have nightmares for years, even decades to come. Even those who are not on the scene of your suicide might be plagued by terrifying dreams, especially your children or siblings.
5. Your suicide might encourage someone else to follow your example and compound the tragedy.
6. Some people you know might be troubled by feelings of guilt. Perhaps someone very dear to you, whom you have no desire to hurt, will irrationally feel responsible for your death. “If only I had done something differently. Perhaps I should have said … or not said …”
7. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. School will end. This bullying will end. We will see a new phase in our lives.
I hope everyone will consider the following. “Imagine how you would feel if your bullying pushed someone to suicide. How would you feel if someday you learn that an act of kindness on your part caused someone to decide not to end his/her life?”
Russell A. Scott

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