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Liberals are big gov’t advocates


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Saw your article by Merilee Dannemann in Tuesday’s RDR, “No excuse for voting commission” and had to comment, again.

Liberals are the first to scream “voter fraud” and then want to stop any and all attempts to stop it. After the last general election, who was claiming voter fraud put Trump in office? The Democrats, who are trying to make sure there is no voter fraud? Trump. Who is claiming Trump’s attempts are a subversive attempt to stifle minority votes? The liberals. Who is trying to do something about the problem? Trump.

All the liberals can do is try and block the president at every turn, hoping that the American voting public will see it as a Trump failure to lead. What is so wrong with making sure there is no voter fraud? One person, one vote, isn’t that what we want? You have to show identification to buy alcohol, prescription medications and plane tickets, why not for voter registration?

Liberals are not worried about creating another big government database. They are the “big government advocates” remember? It’s only when Trump proposes one that they get indignant. Still your friend…

Don Determan

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