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Yearbook from 1915 a historical treat


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What a historical treat provided by Briana Hodge in Sunday’s RDR Vistas section!

She got her hands on the 1915 Roswell High School annual. At least that’s what we called them when I was in high school. This publication of El Coyote went to press only two years after the school’s inception when the formation of a football team was wanted but unachievable due to a scarcity of male students.

Two notable features of the yearbook were the first person (Coyote) personification of a Coyote and an endless rhyming poem about teachers seen through the eyes of their students. The Coyote’s description of a broom as a “stick that had a lot of grass growing on one end” did not go unnoticed, showing that 102-year-old humor can still lift an eyebrow.

Steven Young

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