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Students throughout Roswell meet teachers, settle into class

Thursday morning was more than an average day for younger and older students throughout Roswell. For many, it marked a new beginning.

As always, the first day of school brought feelings of fear, excitement and to some — dread.

Many students at Pecos Elementary School kept a close distance to parents and guardians, with wide eyes searching throughout for familiar faces and welcoming smiles from teachers and faculty.

Pecos Elementary counselor Irma Salayandia described the day as the beginning of a fresh new year.

“It’s exciting to begin a new day,” Salayandia said. “I see that not in just the staff, but kids and everybody are pulling together to just make this be a great start — I think that’s important.”

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Moving northward, both the eager entering freshman and ready-to-graduate seniors at Goddard High School settled into their classes, as well as taking some time off in between classes for “burrito break.”

After stating the announcements over the intercom, senior and student body president John Anaya said going through the motions and learning the basic rules in his first period class went well.

Anaya, who aspires to be a lawyer, also wrestles, runs track and plays football for Goddard. He said he was excited for the upcoming season.

“I feel that I’m very confident in our team this year,” Anaya said. “I’m very excited to start my last year of high school, and I can’t wait to make it a great one.”

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