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Residents had no vote on facilities


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The city of Roswell is currently expanding the civic center and considering construction of both a swimming pool and recreation center. Residents of Roswell did not have an opportunity to vote on any of the projects and provide significant input on what is needed, wanted and useful for the betterment of our community.

For your information and benefit, what follows is a news clip article from KRQE-TV regarding the design process for another recreational facility.
According to the report “The Hobbs City Council, after touring the country and seeing what worked well in other communities, emulated the best while adding their own twist. We’ve assembled the best of the best, from the architecture team to the design teams to our construction manager. We feel we are bringing the best team together to provide our community an amazing amenity.”
The project has been in the works for five years, giving them ample time to make a multigenerational complex while also consolidating attractions.
“Indoor water-park, indoor soccer facility, competition swimming pool, a three-story indoor play feature, we wanted it all.”

To my knowledge, the city of Roswell has yet to tour the country to see what worked in other communities and assembled design teams to select the best from the best while adding their own twist on what is best for the upcoming projects in Roswell.
City leaders should provide open and responsive government via town hall meetings and workshops to afford input from the community as to what is needed, wanted, useful and ultimately best for Roswell.
The design process for the civic center addition, new recreation center and aquatic center should be expanded to include a comprehensive study of the aquatic, civic and recreation needs and wants of our community, just as done in other areas with public hearings and workshops. The collective wit is greater than the singular wit — and it is time to expand the process with public comments.
These costly amenities should be designed to be multigenerational and last a lifetime just as the Cahoon Pool and Yucca Center. Let us have foresight to take the time and effort necessary to design and build the best for Roswell’s current and future generations.
Thomas E. Jennings

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