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Some GOP senators have to go


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Putin didn’t help elect President Trump, but if he did I’d make thank you Vlad T-shirts with a picture of them colluding on the front and “Make America Great Again” and “Americans First” written in bold print on the back.

Printed on the shirt is Trump’s agenda, “Repeal & Replace Obamacare, Hire American & Buy American, Stop Illegal Immigration & Limit Legal Immigration, Export Goods & Import Jobs, Cut Taxes & Regulations, Build the Wall and Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!”
Some of my Democrat friends say they like his jobs plan, but the Democrats they elect don’t. They work, but they feel it’s too harsh to make food stamp recipients get a job unless they lose their livelihoods, then perhaps they may become Republicans like Rust Belt Democrats who lost or feared losing their jobs did. They joined coal miners to elect Trump because Democrats close mines and ship manufacturing jobs overseas.
Democrats aren’t for the working class, and they’re not the party of the poor, either. While it’s true they’ll give them something for nothing, in New Mexico, they won’t cut loan rates from triple digits to 39 percent, keeping them broke from payday to payday.

Most people, small businesses, large corporations, investors and teamster’s unions like Trump’s agenda, but not all elected Republicans do, but ordinary Republicans are smarter than those they elect. They’re seeking to replace Sens. Jeff Flake of Arizona and Dean Heller of Nevada. If they can’t, they may vote for the Democrat because it’s better than being stabbed in the back.
About 20 Senate Republicans have to go. Some want to oust the president and are undermining his authority to make appointments and fire people. Many have been in Washington too long, and they’re there only because they’re not Democrats.
Republicans prefer a nonpolitician president to them, but it just takes three senators to reject what most of us want. The good news is 25 Senate Democrats are up for re-election. They may lose 10 seats, and in 2020 Republicans will get rid of lots of RINOs.
Like Democrats who cried to judges to override Gov. Martinez’s vetoes, Sen. McConnell whines we expect too much. He’d better ditch rules that thwart our will or we’ll ditch Mitch.
Respectfully, your knuckle-dragging, Bible-banging, flag-waving neighbor.
Ralph Rivera

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