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Thanks for glass company’s generosity


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I am writing this letter to express our deepest appreciation and gratitude to the wonderful people at Southwest Glass.

We recently took our young people on a trip before school started and ended up with all three of our vehicles having chips in their windshields from the road construction we traveled through.
When we returned to Roswell, we called Southwest Glass to repair the chips. They came to our facility and fixed all three windshields and then gave us an invoice that stated “No Charge” and they thanked us for all that we do for the community.

The only reason we are able to care for homeless and at-risk children is because of the kindness and generosity of so many caring people. The people at Southwest Glass are a shining example of that generosity.
We feel truly blessed to be in Roswell. Thank you!
Ron Malone
Assurance Home
executive director

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