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Animals not the same as people


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I was pleased to read in the Aug. 8 edition of the RDR that the Roswell City Council wisely turned down an offer from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). That organization offered to improve the cougar enclosure at our zoo in exchange for sending our bears to an animal sanctuary.

In recent years, we have been hearing of increasingly militant animal rights organizations trying to force their ideas of morality on everyone else. Some of these groups were required to pay settlements to Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus because of harassing lawsuits. Reportedly, those animal rights organizations are making zoos their next target.
However well-intentioned those groups might be, we must never make the mistake of trying to endow animals with the same rights as people. If we look in Genesis 1, we find that God created people with souls and gave them dominion over the earth. The earth was made for man, not vice versa. Notice we were to care for his creation and not to use it wantonly. Nowhere does he endow animals with rights. If we allow animals to have human rights, it will only be a matter of time before we find people insisting that plants and even minerals have rights.

Some sects of Hinduism practice a belief called “ahimsa” in which people are not to harm animals. Some of them even conclude that they must not harm plants either, and they starve themselves to death.
When we wander away from the word of God, many foolish ideas begin to sound sensible. Among those are abortion, euthanasia, slavery, suicide, accepting LGBT activities as normal, macroevolution and animal rights.
Some will say, “Russ Scott wants to force his religious beliefs on everyone else.” The fact is, every law ever written was an attempt by some group to force their ideas of morality on everyone else. PETA certainly wishes to force their values on everyone else. The question is, “Whose morality do you want to impose on everyone else?”
Notice I am not promoting license to abuse animals or plants. I favor careful, sustained use.
Russell A. Scott

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