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Speak up to stop hate


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Thank you, Roswell Indivisible, for your show of support for the victims and people of Charlottesville at Monday night’s vigil. Full disclosure: I am a member of that group, but was unable to attend Monday night’s vigil. I was with them in spirit.

Roswell Indivisible is a group that opposes hate and the politics of hate, in all its forms, in today’s divided and divisive society. If you are interested in joining that effort, find Roswell Indivisible on Facebook or Twitter (@RoswellIndivis) or email for more information to roswellindivisible@gmail.com.
Kudos also (just this once) to Attorney General Jeff Sessions for calling the horrible occurrence in Charlottesville what it is: domestic terrorism. We are quick to demand our leaders call things “radical Islamic terrorism” but are reluctant to call domestic terrorism by its true name. Even when the terrorist act is by American muslims, it is called Islamic terrorism, as the incident in San Bernadino was labeled, though “domestic terrorism” would have been more accurate. We don’t call the shooting of a doctor by an anti-abortion Christian “radical Christian terrorism,” even though that is what it is. Words matter.

But terrorism is terrorism, so maybe we should drop all the words describing who did it and focus more on stopping all terrorism. Do your part. Show appreciation and acceptance for people who are different from you. That would be a good start. Show courage and when you hear others speaking with hate of a group of people, speak up and contradict them. Show understanding, not condemnation, for people who act or believe differently from you. Like the New Agers say, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Like Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Stop hate!
Flo Wells

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