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Actress should not criticize our zoo


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I would like to compliment the Roswell Daily Record on the new format that you were using on your Wednesday edition. I particularly enjoyed seeing some humor and comic satire on the front page and even the top fold part of the paper.

Reading the article titled “Actress pleads for city to release zoo’s bears” was amusing. Here, in our local paper with all the important things going on in the country and world, we get to read about an old has-been actress criticizing Roswell about the condition of our zoo. Even if Ms. MacGraw was currently newsworthy and not a has-been from half a century ago, the content of her rant is not worthy of the RDR front page.
It seems if PETA and this actress want us to close the only free zoo in all of New Mexico or build an expensive new zoo to meet their specifications. I assume that they are not aware that our small community can not even afford a recreation center or outdoor pool for our children and citizens.

We in southeastern New Mexico, through our hard work in the extraction and agricultural industries, have sent billions of dollars to Santa Fe in the form of taxes so that communities like Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Taos may enjoy all of the public amenities that they enjoy.
An old retired New Mexico actress, even if she is a PETA spokesperson, is not someone that should criticize Roswell for our lack of a world class zoo. We do the best we can.
Stanley W. Crosby, III

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