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Nazi protesters disrespect soldiers


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I don’t know how Donald Trump really feels about the white supremacist segment of our population as his message seems to change on a daily basis. I do know the white supremacists of the world have caused the death of more human beings than any other belief system.

White supremacy is the basis, or foundation, for both slavery in our nation and for Hitler’s Nazism originating in Germany. Our Civil War to end slavery was won at a cost of almost 750,000 American lives. The total loss of life during World War II to defeat Nazism is estimated to be some 80 million with over 400,000 being Americans. White supremacy has proven not superior, but inferior in every major test.
The protesters waving the Confederate flags and wearing KKK garb are spitting on the graves of every Union soldier who fought to preserve our union during the Civil War, and showing a huge disrespect for the U.S. Constitution and for what our nation truly represents.

The protesters waving swastika flags, giving the Nazi salute and yelling “hail Trump” are spitting on the graves of some 80 million people as well as disrespecting every soldier who fought to defeat Hitler.
I understand the freedom of speech is protected by the First Amendment, but in my opinion, any person advocating for Nazism should be arrested on the spot and charged with sedition.
The hate-based racism displayed in Charlottesville this past weekend is despicable and unacceptable at any level. We are a better nation than this. Donald Trump needs to be the president to all Americans. His condemnation of the protesters was seriously lacking.
John Grogan


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