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City could look much better


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This is in reference to Mr. Jose Jimenez’s article in the Aug. 12 paper and I have to say, I agree!

My husband takes our three dogs walking on the trail once a week and he tells me how it is not very appealing visually when he goes through the tunnel under Main Street. There are needles and trash all the time and that is scary.
My question to this is: Where is Keep Roswell Beautiful in all of this? Why do they not push for getting the area cleaned up? What happened to the “Tos No Mas” campaign from a couple of years ago? I used to see signs everywhere and now they are gone. What is going on with KRB theses days?
Another issue in Roswell are properties. The mayor promised to get the dilapidate houses torn down and he realized the city couldn’t afford to do this but to eight of them. How about getting after the people who insist on keeping their properties trashy and having a few junker cars sitting around? That alone would clean up this town!

Another issue that would help: Our air quality. I have experienced time and time again junky vehicles being driven around that are smoking while you are sitting behind them at a light or going down the street. This pushes people to turn off their outside air to inside air and have to turn on their air conditioners in order to breathe.
Why does the MVD insist on doing a crappy job in vehicle inspections? They just go outside, look at your car and then give you the tag paperwork. They don’t even ask you to start it, turn on lights and blinkers, nothing. I am amazed that this is still going on since I left in the 90s and came back 20 years later.
When I lived in Missouri, you were required, by law, to spend $25 to get a vehicle inspection at a lube center or garage in town, whereever they had the inspections sign on their business. And they are strict — if you can’t pass, you cannot tag until the issues are fixed. When will Roswell start doing this? They do it in Albuquerque, why not here?
So, city of Roswell, KRB and other leaders in the community, why are these rules not being enforced? Why? If they were being enforced, our city would look so much better.
Just stating facts that need to be addressed.
September Bosch

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