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Second person charged in hotel murder case; Murder defendant posts he shot his girlfriend accidentally


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A second Roswell man has been charged in connection with the fatal shooting of a woman inside a Roswell hotel earlier this month.


Roswell Police Department detectives on Monday obtained an arrest warrant for Frank Moss, 29, who was charged Monday with tampering with evidence, intimidation of a witness, and being a felon in possession of a handgun. Police asked anyone with information about Moss’ whereabouts to call the RPD at 575-624-6770 or Chaves County Crime Stoppers at 1-888-594-TIPS.
The charges against Moss are related to the murder of 31-year-old Ashley Sena of Roswell, whose body was found the afternoon of Aug. 4 when hotel staff entered a room at Comfort Suites at 3610 N. Main St. Sena was shot once in the face, in her left eye, court records state.
Sena’s boyfriend, Jeremy Hawkins, 35, of Roswell, was arrested by U.S. marshals without incident late Friday or early Saturday in Albuquerque after a warrant for his arrest was issued Friday. Hawkins is accused of shooting Sena the night of Aug. 3. In addition to an open count of murder, Hawkins is charged with tampering with evidence, felon in possession of a firearm, and two counts of intimidation of a witness.
RPD spokesperson Todd Wildermuth said in a news release Monday the charges against Moss are a result of his alleged actions after Sena was shot.
“The tampering with evidence charge against Moss stems from his allegedly going to the hotel room after the shooting — but prior to Sena’s body being discovered in the room by hotel staff — and collecting Hawkins’ possessions and returning them to (Hawkins),” Wildermuth said. “The other charges against Moss, who has at least one prior felony conviction in the past 10 years, are based on investigators’ belief Moss had a gun with him when he allegedly threatened a potential witness in this case.”

Facebook confession


According to court records, Hawkins told friends, and the general public, he accidentally shot Sena.
In a post on a Roswell woman’s Facebook page Thursday, Hawkins spoke highly of Sena.
“Look, I first want to say I am so sorry for what happened to Ashley Sena and I would spend a lifetime in prison if it would bring her back,” Hawkins wrote. “In the life of chaos that I was living, she was the only thing that kept me in touch with reality. I spent almost every day with her for like over three months. She was the most amazing person that I have ever met and hurting her or killing her is something I could never do.”
RPD detective Chris Bradley quoted the same Facebook post in the criminal complaint against Hawkins, court records show.
According to court records, Hawkins, Sena, Moss and another woman were all at the Comfort Suites hotel before Sena was killed in the room she had rented under her name.
Hawkins continued in the Facebook post, saying Sena had a drug problem and he was not the cause of her addiction.
“As a matter of fact, we talked and wanted to stop using,” Hawkins wrote. “But what happened to her was a pure accident, and because of the lifestyle I lived, I panicked and took off running.”
Hawkins continued, saying Sena had pointed a handgun at him in the hotel room.
“The truth is she pulled my gun on me and told me I could not leave,” Hawkins wrote. “She was not herself. I had given her some pills and they changed her personality. This was not the first time it had happened. Anyways, all I did was push the gun away by grabbing her arm and the gun. In the midst of it, I heard the gun go off and knew she was never going to be with me again or any of you as well. Then I just freaked out and picked the gun up and ran. Once I realized I had it on me, I threw it as far as I could. Then, I called for a ride knowing I was going to be caught. Then, I was awoken later that day but it was not the police. I did not kill her, but I feel like I did. I know there is a lot of things I should have done different.”
Hawkins said he did not plan to keep the fatal shooting secret.
“I have struggled with the loss of her every minute of every day,” he wrote. “I could have spent the rest of my life with her. There are not enough words in this world to say how bad I want her back. I miss her so much and know she did not deserve this. Anyone who knows me knows how bad this has been on me. Once again, I am truly sorry for this and if justice is needed, well it will be granted. Ashley, you know how much I loved everything about you. You know what I am going through. I hope to see you soon. Once again, I am sorry. I hate this.”

Hotel evidence
According to court records, police could not locate the murder weapon in the hotel room, although a spent shell casing was found near Sena’s foot. Police said a handgun and bullets matching the hotel room’s shell casing were found in a field behind Comfort Suites on Aug. 14.
“Detective (Robert) Scribner observed that the firearm had a round in the chamber and several in the magazine,” Bradley wrote in the criminal complaint for Hawkins.
Police said a cellphone charger was found in the hotel room, but no cellphone, although police said Sena could be seen talking on a cellphone outside the hotel. Police also said Sena’s cellphone was used after she had been dead.
Police said only women’s clothing and makeup was left in the room, with no clothes that might have belonged to a man.
Police said Sena and Hawkins can be seen in surveillance video checking into the hotel. Moss and a woman named last week as a person of interest in the case can also be seen in hotel video, police said.

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Searches and interviews


Police executed search warrants in Roswell and Hagerman, but were unable to locate Hawkins, Moss or the woman of interest.
After a tip to Chaves County Crime Stoppers, police said they went to a home in the 3100 block of North Richardson Avenue in Roswell, where Moss, the woman of interest and another woman were found.
Police said the woman of interest, who has not yet been charged in the case, initially said she had not been with Hawkins and Sena around the time Sena was killed.
Police said the woman of interest eventually changed her story, and said she was at Comfort Suites when Hawkins and Sena checked into the room. The woman of interest said she and Moss picked up Hawkins the night of Aug. 3 or early Aug. 4 near Goddard High School and drove him to his mom’s house in Hagerman.
After repeated calls from Hawkins, the woman of interest said she and Moss went back to the hotel and picked up Hawkins’ backpack and other personal belongings, including a laptop computer.
“She went to where Frank was and looked in the direction that he was looking and sees Ashley’s hand,” Bradley wrote. “She freaked out. Frank told her to be quiet and they grabbed the bags and left. She asked Frank if Ashley was alive and Frank shrugged his shoulders.”
Later that night, the woman of interest said Hawkins and Moss came to her residence.
“She got upset and told Frank that she does not want Jeremy around,” Bradley wrote. “Jeremy made threats and said that he had nothing to lose. Jeremy said that it was a shame that two other people were going to have to lose their lives because of this.”
The woman of interest said Hawkins stated two days later that he would kill Moss, and Hawkins slashed a tire on her vehicle.
“She believes that Jeremy lost touch with reality,” Bradley wrote. “Jeremy is armed and has stated that he is not going to prison, that he will have a shootout or take his own life. In the past, Jeremy has gotten upset and pulled a gun out pointing it at people and threatening to kill them, herself included.”
In an interview with police, Moss reportedly admitted going back to the hotel room, but said he did not see Sena’s body.
“He never noticed anything strange in the room. Jeremy hasn’t really told him anything that happened,” Bradley wrote. “He has tried to ask Jeremy about what happened. The assumption Frank has makes him worried, assumptions that Ashley was murdered. Frank continued to deny seeing Ashley deceased in the room.”
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