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All animals have rights


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In regards to Mr. Russell Scott’s letter in the Aug. 17 edition of the RDR, I usually agree with him, but not in this instance.

I don’t believe its “militant” for an animal group such as PETA to expect our zoo animals to have comfortable accommodations and care.
I believe all animals — circus animals who are abused so they will perform — zoo animals, wildlife and loved pets have rights.
Animals suffer pain, depression, heat, cold, fear and diseases, just like humans. I believe God expects his dependent creatures to be well taken care of and loved.

The bears, lions and caged animals are suffering in their cement jungle. With government involved, it will take years for this to change, if it ever does.
I’m ashamed of Roswell’s city leaders in putting $600,000 signs ahead of these animals’ welfare.
My father was a veterinarian in Roswell for 40 years, and like PETA, Ali McGraw, and other animal lovers, he wanted what was best for those who depend on us humans to take care of them.
Get to work and get the job done.
Cara Robertson

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