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City councilors must be accountable


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There are some things just too good to pass up.

Some members of the Roswell City Council have found this to be a “must-follow rule.” This is especially true when it comes to increasing fees, taxes; bond issues being the most evident. They represent us but don’t always listen to us. The current attitude among some members of the council seems to be if we can raise taxes, increase fees or issue bonds, “Let’s do it!” The only constraint seems to be, “How much and how fast can we do it?”
When was the last time we voted for taxes, fees or bonds for the city, not the schools and not the state? When did the citizens lose their voting rights: How many businesses and industries have we lost (closed or moved), discouraged and driven out because of taxes, fees and regulations?

Even better questions are, when was the last time the citizens approved increased taxes, bonds or fees and when was the last time a city bond issue, increased taxes, or increased fees were approved by a vote of the city?
Councilors, you have the right to take these actions and you have the responsibility to decide whether to take the actions unitarily or go to the citizens.
You also must accept the accountability for your actions.
John Lankford

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