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Judge needs to explain sentence


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This letter is regarding RDR’s article on Aug. 18, wherein Enrico Amaya, the local man who, with a woman friend, on multiple occasions, chased a group of pronghorn antelope with an off-road vehicle at very high rates of speeds in the summer heat, causing them extreme duress and heat stress.

It appears to me that this was pure, unadulterated cruelty to animals. Look it up. NM Stat § 30-18-1 (2016). In addition, the pronghorn antelope has been listed on the Endangered Species List since 1967. So my question is, why did this man get such a light sentence? A petty misdemeanor for careless driving? Really? Why is Judge K.C. Rogers coddling this criminal by not enforcing the laws?
What does a criminal in Roswell need to do in order to really get in trouble these days? I am appalled and disgusted at Enrico Amaya’s behavior, which is indicative of future domestic abuse; although he may already be guilty of that, too.

I am also equally appalled and disgusted at the light sentence given him by Judge Rogers. I think that Judge Rogers needs to explain why he decided that his man didn’t need a much harsher sentence than “petty misdemeanor of careless driving, suspended jail sentence, court fees and $173 fine,” entirely overlooking the animal cruelty laws and the Endangered Species Act.
Roberta B. Gambill


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