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Mackey best suited for city council


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Today, Roswell City Councilor Natasha Mackey announced her candidacy for mayor in 2018.

Ms. Mackey, as reported in the Roswell Daily Record, would be Roswell’s first African American woman Mayor if elected. A page seemingly taken from the Democratic Party’s playbook.
Although her aggressive attacks of the mayor and how, as a councilor, she believed that he had wrongfully overstepped his ‘power’ as mayor, she has consistently supported the reckless financial agenda items championed by Mayor Dennis Kintigh.

Not Ms, Mackey, the mayor or city councilors have made any significant attempt to look at similarly proposed projects other nearby communities had taken on, with superior design and for less money. In fact, they refused to do so and have left the citizens of Roswell with a $25 million ‘question mark.’
Ms, Mackey’s record of low attendance at council coupled with the current condition of the city ‘s finances will take more experience than she can currently offer.
A better resolution for Ms. Mackey is to continue to serve in her current position and leave the door open for other, more experienced candidates.
Fred Moran

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