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Ask the Coach – Jeff Lynn

Roswell Coach Jeff Lynn talks to his players at practice. (David Rocha Photo)

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Roswell coach Jeff Lynn knows about competition and coaching.

Lynn’s dad (David) is in the New Mexico Football Hall of Fame. His brother, Josh, was the head coach at Eastern New Mexico University, giving the Greyhounds their first winning season in nine years. Josh (Lynn) begins his first season as the head coach at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.
Jeff Lynn will begin his fifth season tonight against Gadsden. Tommy, a Roswell fan, wanted to ask the coach about their similarities in coaching styles.

TS: Coach, I have followed you and your brother’s coaching career. Is it a system, and how did you come by it?
JL: “Josh and I talk all the time. We do a lot of the same things, growing up around football with our dad (David) being a coach. We obviously grew up with all that and being around it all the time. We have a set of beliefs and a way of thinking that is similar. If your dad is a carpenter, there is a good chance you will be one. We had some experience growing up that a guy who wasn’t born into it might not get. I think it is something to it. I became a head coach at New Mexico Military Institute at 30 years old. I don’t think, if I had not grown up in football, I would have been ready. So, you can call it the Lynn system if you want.”