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City Council position requires duty


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I’ve read somewhere that some members of Roswell’s City Council are frustrated by critiques from the public on the job they are doing in council.

May I offer my sincerest apologies if I personally offended anyone. I know that the council position is a thankless and tedious job as I realize from sitting through a few of the meetings.
Having said that, I also would like to remind you that a seat on City Council is not some place to park your butt. With the position comes responsibility and duty, a fiduciary responsibility and duty of care to the people you were elected to represent.
Decisions should not be made on what you may think or what you may feel as an individual. You, as councilors are charged with making the right decisions.

Right decisions are only ever made when a reasonable amount of research and opinion has been digested to allow for a viable conclusion; you’ve done none of that. Under the current administration, the voting public has been shut out of the process.
Stop whining! If the job is too hard, then please step aside to make room for people who are prepared to do the work. Although your intentions are sincere, for the last three and a half years, you’ve shirked your responsibilities and duties. If you can’t stand the heat, then please get out of the kitchen.
Fred Moran

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