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Social media not same as local papers


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Having recently attended the city of Roswell focus discussions on our homeless and animal control situations, there are a few things that I think almost all the attendees will agree on.

Our new city manager, Joe Neeb, has made an excellent first impression, and is deserving of our respect, our cooperation and our patience as he and our elected leaders try to keep Roswell moving forward.
Also for those of you who have questioned on social media why our mayor and the majority of the City Council members decided to interview and select an outsider as our city manager, you need only to attend a few City Council meetings to really sense their determination and desire to move Roswell forward not backward.

I also would like to applaud our city and county employees and staff for their increased professionalism and renewed job dedication. To us who closely follow the inner workings of the city and the county, we are appreciative.
In closing, I would like to say that I, too, follow social media, but it can’t replace a good old-fashioned local newspaper for reporting the facts, not fiction.
All of us in southeast New Mexico need to support our local papers so that we don’t become just a single daily paragraph in the I-25 newspapers and only an afterthought in the minds of state and national legislators.
Larry Connolly

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