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Nuclear energy is for life


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Before humans, before Earth, before the matter of which Earth is composed, radiation completely dominated everything in the universe.

As the universe cooled from its creation in the Big Bang 15.8 billion years ago, the radiation subsided leaving clumps of matter to emerge as galaxies of stars.
With the exception of hydrogen, this matter was made of nuclear waste left after an orgy of early exploding stars that created all the chemical elements we see around us today.
Earth was formed some 4.5 billion years ago, and not long after that, the slow development of life began. Much later, a mere million or so years ago, man appeared. Then, a few hundred years ago, man began to understand how he himself could engage the power of science, culminating in his ability to work with radiation and generate energy from nuclear matter.
Many speak as if nuclear energy and radiation were manmade, and perhaps compare a decision to use it and its powerful influence to Adam and Eve deciding to eat the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. But man did not make radiation or nuclear energy —it was nuclear radiation in the natural world that was needed to make man.

Indeed it is the failure of so many to eat the fruit of this misunderstood knowledge that has led to the sorry story of Fukushima Daiichi — a tragedy of ignorance, a tangled web of misunderstanding and undeserved distrust of which Shakespeare would have been proud. The story deserves to be retold in a positive and properly scientific light, starting with — no one died of radiation exposure from the Fukushima meltdown.
This letter will be the beginning of a series of short letters about why nuclear is for life. They are based on physical science, not social or political science. Stay tuned for my two letters per month. If you miss a letter, you can still read it here: kralspaces.wordpress.com
Martin Kral

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