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Remove financial incentives for cartel


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This is crazy! Our southern border is one of the most secure in the world, yet Donald Trump is threatening to shut down our government in order to force Congress to finance an even more secure wall he’s been promising Mexico would pay for. Mexico is not going to pay for the wall. The wall will not reduce the number of illegal entries.

The vast majority of the immigrants are hardworking law-abiding people seeking a better life for themselves and their families. They are an asset to our nation, and a vital part of our economy.
They come to America because they know there are jobs waiting. We have created a situation where many of our employers are inviting them here to work because they are honest, hardworking people willing to work for low wages, and at the same time, our government is spending billions to keep them out.
Our nation has been at full employment for the past three or four years. The workers are not taking jobs from American workers, they are fulfilling our need for more workers. The illegal immigrants coming here to work are really not a problem. The illicit drug shipments are another issue.
Our war on drugs is a huge failure. We have the highest rate of incarceration of any nation on Earth, we spend over $50 billion per year, and drug use and addiction is increasing. A high percentage of our illicit drugs comes from Mexico and South American countries.

It seems obvious until we remove the financial incentives, we really aren’t going to significantly reduce any issues from our southern neighbors. Our employers are breaking the law by hiring the undocumented immigrants. Let’s make them responsible for verifying the legality of their workers. A stiff fine would remove the incentive for exploiting the cheap labor sources.
Instead of wasting such a large percentage of our discretionary spending on policies that have never worked, and will never work, maybe it is time to decriminalize all drugs and start treating addiction as a disease rather than a crime.
It would effectively break the backs of the drug cartels. The money saved on drug enforcement and incarceration would be better spent on addiction treatment, education, rebuilding our infrastructure and health care. What we’re doing certainly isn’t working.
John Grogan

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