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Mesa Middle School coaches involved in fight; One coach says altercation was about use of N-word by players


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A local coach says the use of the N-word during and after a recent middle school football game, and the lack of immediate disciplinary action, prompted a fight between two coaches, although school officials have yet to address the racially charged incident.

Mesa Middle School assistant football coach Thomas Davis, an African-American, told the Daily Record a player muttered to Davis the N-word during Tuesday’s game when two players had been removed from the game for arguing among themselves.
“I told the players you’re part of the D-line,” Davis said, “and you’re going to be part of the team, and you’re fighting with each other. The enemy is over there. Give me your helmets and shoulder pads.”
Davis said other students used the N-word after the game while at the school’s locker room while the team was putting away uniforms and equipment. Davis said two players ran out of the locker room, shouting the N-word at each other. Davis said he yelled at the players and confronted them about their use of the N-word.
Davis said he took one of the players to Mesa Middle School head football coach Gabriel Flores-Delara for the student to explain his use of the N-word.
“I said, ‘Coach, this is the stuff that causes major issues, this is what causes stuff to happen,'” Davis said.
Davis said Flores-Delara asked Davis to go outside where the altercation escalated. Davis said the two men were nose to nose when Flores-Delara head-butted him. Davis said he retaliated with about 15 punches at Flores-Delara. Davis, 50, said Flores-Delara, 28, then placed him in a full nelson wrestling hold.
“I told him, ‘Don’t you put your hands on me anymore,'” Davis said.
Davis said he suffered minor injuries in the scuffle, including an injured pinky finger, chest contusions and a head injury from the head-butt. Davis said assistant football coach Kevin Fresquez broke up the fight.

Police reports
According to police reports, Flores-Delara called 911 and reported the fight that occurred shortly after 8:30 p.m., after the football game at Roswell’s DeBremond Stadium. Davis said Flores-Delara reported he had been assaulted by another coach.
“You’re going to call the police on me, and you started this,” Davis said as he recalled the sequence of events.
Police said Flores-Delara suffered minor injuries, and several people witnessed the aftermath of the fight.
“I learned Coach Gabriel Flores-Delara and Coach Thomas Davis were parties involved in the incident,” Roswell Police Department officer Laura Macias wrote in an incident report written Wednesday morning. In the police report, Flores-Delara is listed as the victim, while Davis is listed as a suspect.
“I learned no report was filed and both parties involved were asked to leave the premises,” Macias wrote in the report.
Police said Mesa Middle School assistant principal Art Sandoval was contacted about the altercation at the school at 1601 E. Bland St.
“Mr. Sandoval stated a report needed to be filed for documentation purposes on behalf of the school,” Macias wrote in the police report.
Sandoval declined to comment, referring questions to the RISD human resources department.
Troy Hudson, RISD director of activities and athletics, could not be reached for comment.
Flores-Delara, a teacher and coach at Mesa Middle School, said in one of multiple voice messages he left with the newspaper Friday he had no comment about the altercation.

Police said the case is active and under investigation. RPD spokesperson Todd Wildermuth said no charges have yet been filed as a result of the battery report.
Davis, a coach and substitute teacher at RISD, said he has lost his coaching position at Mesa Middle School as a result of Tuesday’s incident, and has also been barred from Mesa Middle School’s campus, while Flores-Delara continues as head coach of the Mesa Middle School football team.
Davis said the incident is an example of racial insensitivity at the Roswell Independent School District.
“The school system is not as diverse as it should be,” he said.

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