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Lawmakers should focus on other issues


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I just read your latest article in the Roswell Daily Record and, as you know, I just had to comment.

It isn’t that consumers don’t want to eat healthy food, it just bothers them when senseless government regulations keep raising the cost of food so high that all they can afford are the dollar menu items at the fast-food counters.
Enough already! The state of New Mexico and the FDA have statutes which outline standards for food already, isn’t that enough? Lord knows there are state and federal laws enough to insure that the food chain is protected, and we all know there are enough lawyers out there that are always willing to sue anybody, for anything.

Lawmakers aren’t that good at fixing these kind of problems anyway, a few years ago we had a vice president who stated that ketchup was a good substitute for tomatoes in our diet. I wish the lawmakers would concentrate on important matters like the economy and immigration and stop trying to regulate businesses into bankruptcy.
As for advertising, the old adage of “Don’t believe everything you read” is a good motto. One more comment before I end, getting things passed in Santa Fe has never been decided by what the people want. If it was our government, we would be helping President Trump instead of ignoring him, that includes our governor.
Don Determan

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