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Congressman’s visit was important


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Unless you are following Roswell Indivisible on Facebook or Twitter, you will not be aware that Rep. Steve Pearce held a town hall meeting in Roswell on Aug. 31. The meeting was limited to people who pre-registered, as requested by Rep. Pearce, but when uninvited guests came, they were admitted.

I cannot begin to understand why this was not newsworthy, but the Roswell Daily Record, informed about the meeting in advance, decided not to cover it. It seems to me that having our congressman in Roswell is important news, especially given that Rep. Pearce never comes to this population hub of southeastern New Mexico.
It is true that the meeting was hosted by a group unfriendly to his views, and that the questions would challenge his stances on a range of issues. Is the RDR so Republican-leaning that they can’t bear to see an elected Republican challenged?
Rep. Pearce, to his credit, came, knowing he would be facing a group unfriendly to his views. But the newspaper was too timid to cover it? The same day, Tony Martinez, running in the Democratic primary for the House District 2 seat, also came to Roswell. That wasn’t in the paper either.

I have requested that the RDR print a weekly rundown of how New Mexico’s representatives voted, as the Albuquerque Journal does, but the only response from the editor was that it was an interesting idea. Yes, it is indeed interesting to know exactly how the people we vote for cast their votes in our name.
Do check the Sunday Albuquerque Journal for their column, “How Your Congressman Voted.” You can find the journal online or at the Roswell Public Library. Or add your voice to mine to get the RDR to print this information. You can find voting records online at rollcallvotes.com or search for Voterama on Facebook. If we have to get our news online, it’s no wonder newspapers are fading away!
Flo Wells

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