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Plateau begins fiber expansion in Roswell


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Plateau Telecommunications has announced the expansion of its fiberoptic service in Roswell.

Plateau began the Gigabit City Challenge between Roswell, Las Vegas, Los Lunas and Clovis in May 2016. The challenge created a competition between the communities to see which zones would be the next areas to be built with Plateau’s Fiber-To-The-Home service.
In Roswell, Plateau said two particular zones have qualified by reaching pre-registration goals. Plateau said one zone will be built, followed by the other.
“We are excited to see our construction crews digging in Roswell,” said Plateau business sales supervisor Hannah Robertson. “People have been waiting and wondering if we were really going to build in Roswell and this is proof. When a zone qualifies, we will build it.”
Plateau chief operating officer Vince Tyson said construction in zones will take a few months to complete, and Plateau wants to address any concerns about the digging.

“When we leave the area, we want it in as good or better condition than when we started,” Tyson said. “If anyone finds something out of place or unfinished, we encourage people to call us and let us know. We will be there as soon as possible to fix the issue.”
Plateau’s fiber offers high-speed residential internet service. Tyson said Fiber-To-The-Home is the ultimate technology for internet access.
“This means symmetrical speeds (uplink and downlink), no data caps, and no expensive cable modem, all at a fair price,” Tyson said.
Plateau said other zones in Roswell are getting close to qualifying as well.
Formed in 1949 as Eastern New Mexico Rural Telephone Cooperative, Plateau provides advanced telecommunications services including voice, internet or video to residents in all or parts of 19 eastern New Mexico counties and three in the Texas Panhandle.

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