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Circuses should be abolished


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I wrote a letter that encouraged a more humane and naturalistic environment for Roswell’s zoo animals.

In response to the gentleman’s letter who asked if I believed if circuses should be abolished, yes, I do. It’s not normal to cage wild animals and make them perform under duress and abuse.

Zoos are good teaching tools, but I was advocating for a more nature-oriented environment, sir.

I believe all animals should be treated with compassion and love.

But sir, I do take issue with your judgmental statement that you wish I would turn my passion against the annual slaughter of unborn babies. I believe one can have more than one passion, sir.

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How dare you assume that because I abhor animal neglect and abuse that I’m not concerned and sickened about the murder of innocent babies. Judge not, lest ye be judged.

Carol Robertson


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