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Reform might come from DACA change


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Democrats say President Trump is heartless because he ended DACA although he’s given them six months to legalize Dreamers. They likely won’t do it because they don’t know how to give and take, and their followers will give them a pass if they don’t.They’ll blame the president and his white supremacist supporters because Democrats never admit responsibility for what they do or don’t do if it makes them look bad.

Their propagandists in the press won’t denounce them, either.

Democrats want amnesty and citizenship for Dreamers and promise reforms later.

We’ve been there and done that and Democrats and their Republican allies don’t keep their word. If any deal is made, Dreamers will have to earn citizenship because we, except for Democrats, don’t like flag burners waving Mexican flags; three-fourths of all Dreamers are from Mexico.

To earn citizenship, Dreamers must leave the country, apply for entry, and stand in line with everybody who comes here legally. They can then apply for citizenship and fulfill all requirements to become citizens.

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Another pathway to citizenship to consider is serving X number of years in our military.

The median age of Dreamers is 22. When Dreamers’ parents are deported, they take their children with them. If they’d leave them, we’d take care of them because that’s who we are. Democrats say Republicans split up families because that’s the hate mongering demagogues they are.

Forty-two of 45 Senate Democrats pledged not to vote for any Republican legislation, so Republicans shouldn’t address DACA until Democrats are first willing to fix our broken immigration system, secure our borders, and fund the wall.

Chain immigration and visa lottery must end, and we have to mandate the use of e-verify and punish employers who exploit illegal aliens and cheat legal immigrants and our citizens of an honest wage, and we have to deport foreigners who overstay their visas. Until this is done, the fate of Dreamers shouldn’t be discussed.

The Catholic Church is accused of supporting illegal aliens to fill churches. This isn’t true, but if bishops don’t want to end illegal immigration, they side with Democrats who persecute Catholics by substituting God’s laws with theirs, which kills babies before they’re born and allows homosexuals to marry.

Respectfully, your knuckle-dragging, Bible-banging, flag-waving neighbor,

Ralph Rivera