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Angered by response at homeless meeting


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I haven’t been this disgusted and angry since the Cahoon pool fiasco.

I attended the “open meeting” about a site for the homeless to give them a safe place to be out of the weather. The location many favored is 11th Street near the ice house spot.

This is presently the storage for parks and rec. equipment. It has plumbing facilities, is enclosed by a fence and would accommodate a temporary tent city with plans to transition the people to indoors, and eventually to tiny houses, from there to permanent housing. To give them a hand up!

It’s business as usual in Roswell. “We want to help the homeless,” but not in my backyard, and not near any business.

I wonder how many of those present would like to sleep outdoors tonight? The worst thing I heard tonight was that there are 34 children among these homeless.

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With this kind of thing, it’s no wonder we can’t attract more business, we can’t provide career opportunities for the kids who graduate high school or college, and they go elsewhere.

Roswell, it’s time for a big change in government. Do you really want to re-elect those who took away the facilities for our kids? Do you want to elect those who would not help those who need it? I say no.

Lee Sides

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