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Protests treated as entertainment


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The Democrats and Progressives have developed a new form of entertainment for their followers, it’s called the protest. This type of gathering holds great appeal to the intellectually deficient nonthinkers of the country. For those who have trouble thinking for themselves, the leftist leaders will provide a plethora of standard catch phrases, denunciations and slurs for their signs.

In most cases, the organizers will provide their standard signs, provide transportation and sometimes even a stipend for attending. You’re not required to be a part of the basic group or community protesting since the outsider is welcome and encouraged to attend. If you prefer not to be identified, you are welcome to wear a hood or mask so that there is no fear of being put on TV. Another benefit is that when you get really worked up and decide to attack the police, smash pillage or loot, the liberal leaders normally have a stand-down order for the police to insure your freedom to express yourself. This is particularly true if you can hold your protest on a college campus.

Another benefit is if you fear public opinion, you can be assured that there are plenty of so called entertainers from Hollywood, the liberal media or overpaid undereducated athletes that will justify your actions, most of whom are devoid of intellect or the ability to analyze in any logical manner. The ridiculousness of it all would make for a good satirical comedy if it was not so serious and dangerous, particularly appealing to the most vulnerable in society, the poorly educated emotionally driven, including young college students.

William Dawe


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