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Cartoonist predicts letter writer issues


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In the Sept. 24 edition of the RDR, the editorial cartoon featured “The Old Nag of Roswell.” How did your cartoonist know that Fred Moran would write a letter to the editor on the same day?

Michael Bloomberg, former NYC mayor, has written “cities are never static, they are either growing or dying.” Before our last mayoral election, Roswell definitely wasn’t growing and was probably, in fact, slowly dying.

Unfortunately our well-barbered nice-guy mayor and his poorly led senior city management staff could only hope that the voters would re-elect him, while forgiving them for squandering his four-year term. Now, our former mayor wants us to forget that old adage, “Fool me once, shame on you — fool me twice, shame on me.”

Now, Mr. Moran and his ilk, who also wish to defeat Mayor Kintigh, are finding fault with the “process” that has Roswell moving forward again. Maybe the “process” hasn’t been pretty all the time, but the results so far have been exciting. Mayor Kintigh definitely has his flaws, but he knows how and does get results, and that is driving the jealous “The Old Nags of Roswell” crazy.

Larry Connolly

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