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The seasons and how they change

A circa 1930s postcard of the stately Gilkeson Hotel in Roswell. (Photo courtesy of the Historical Society for Southeast New Mexico)

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Come said the leaves to the wind one day,
Come o’er the meadows and we will play.
Put on your dresses, scarlet and gold,
For summer is gone and the days grow cold.

The poem above by George Eliot was an inspiration to research seasons past in Roswell for this time of year. Here are some fun quips and quotes, news and notes, from the 1930s. Life is truly not so different now.

Roswell Daily Record, Nov. 17, 1930
Charming Game Dinner Party

A splendid venison and quail dinner was enjoyed last night at the home of Mrs. L. K. McGaffey with Miss Clara Phinizy, Miss Catherine Cummings, Mrs. Max Coll, and Mrs. John Allen Phinizy joint hostesses.

The game used was the fruit of a wonderful Armistice Day hunt and house party given by Eliza White Jr., at the attractive White summer home in the Sacramento Mountains. Yellow and bronze mums, yellow candle light and autumn leaves were used in effective table decorations were a delicious for course menu was faultlessly served.

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Roswell Daily Record, March 27, 1930
Spring is the Time for Planting

Why not plant now the seeds of your spiritual development? Reap the harvest in the autumn of your life. Resolve now and attend this or another church regularly. — Saint Andrew’s Episcopal church

Roswell Daily Record — Nov. 18, 1930
Salvation Army Home Completed

The new home for the Salvation Army captain and his family, on E. 3rd St., is nearly completed.

It is a very attractive home of eight rooms, hall, and large basement. The actual cost of the home is $4,200, but that does not include the cost of the free services of Architect Carr and Contractor G.N. Amis, of materials and labor, donated by local lumber companies, carpenters, plumbers, plasters, and painters. The building committee includes FL Austin, John H Mullis, Will Purdy, all members of the Salvation Army advisory board who all three are giving splendid free service.

Now this home must be furnished. Don’t you want to help? Purdys are giving the kitchen linoleum; GH Hockenson, of J.C. Penny’s, the bed linens. Mansfield Tweedy contributed the cotton and the Roswell Mattress Company have made all the mattresses free.

Furniture needed for living room, davenport, two chairs, table, rug, shades, curtains. Dining room, a table and six chairs, rug, shades, curtains, buffet; Kitchen, (linoleum given) gas stove, shades, small table. Three bedrooms, three bedsteads, three springs, three dressers, one chiffonier, shades. Bathroom, linoleum, shades. Office desks and chairs.

Listen you good folks who have comfortable homes let me tell you how Captain Irby and his family have lived for several years. Their living quarters have been in the rear of the Salvation Army Citadel, 126 E. 2nd St., four gloomy rooms, dark and unsanitary, a place not fit for human beings. Quietly uncomplaining these faithful workers for the unfortunates, the sick, the unemployed, the down and outs, they have gone about the business entrusted to them, with meager pay and most uncomfortably housed.

As the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons approach let’s all get into it’s real spirit and help these good folks to be comfortable in order that they may better do the business of the Salvation Army which is to fight human suffering.

The advisory board of the Salvation Army includes Harold Hurd, president; JE Moore, treasurer; Captain Irby, secretary; Albert H Pruitt, Will Purdy, FL Austin, John H Mullis, GH Hockenson, Claude Simpson, Mrs. JT Atwood, Mrs. Grace T. Bear, Mrs. Arthur E. Ingham.

Roswell Daily Record, Nov. 6, 1930
Hunters Big Game Ready Annual Trip

Big game hunters we’re getting ready for their annual pilgrimage into the high-altitude after deer and turkey.

The general exodus from Roswell will begin tomorrow, those who are going to faraway fields are taking ample time to get located for the opening of the season.

Hunting season in New Mexico opens next Monday, November 10, and continues for 10 days. The Black Range, Sacramento, Capitan, and White Mountains will receive about the usual number of big game hunters this year, the indications were today.

Roswell Daily Record, Nov. 12, 1930
Merchants look for a general revival trade at Christmas

Plants were formulated Monday night at the regular November meeting of the Roswell Retail Merchants Association for a “buy now,” and a “Do your Christmas Shopping in Roswell Campaign.”

The plan as outlined by the committee in charge contemplated an advertising campaign in all parts of the eastern section of the state in an attempt to impress upon the buying public the advantages of buying in Roswell during the present season.

The financial report of the Chaves County Cotton Carnival made by HA Poorbaugh, President of the association, showed a profit of $122.13 for the eighth carnival. The association reported receipts of $9,154.39, was carried over from the 1929 carnival.

Mr. Poorbaugh suggested to the merchants that some plans should be started to include the entire carnival attractions in one enclosure. He suggested that perhaps some plans along this line would be presented to the merchants before many more weeks have passed.

Among the bills receivable reported by Mr. Poorbaugh was $45 which so far remains unpaid from the Lachman-Carson Carnival Co., which is spending the winter in Roswell, using the Cotton Carnival building for storage.

December 6 was tentatively set as the date for the annual arrival of Santa Claus. The Roswell Advertising Club is to be the reception committee for Santa Claus, and Myron Prager has some special plans for the entertainment.

All the merchants present reported unusually good business at this season and announce that they expected a record breaking business here during the Christmas season.

The Roswell merchants were treated to a superb feed by the ladies of the First Christian Church and unanimously voted to return to the church next month at which time a turkey dinner has been promised.

Roswell Daily Record, Sept. 6, 1930
Pruitt heads Cadet Alumni Association

Coach Godfrey reports that the outlook for a good football team this season is excellent.

Members of the New Mexico Military Institute Alumni Association of Roswell elected officers for the scholastic year just opening, at a dinner at the Institute Mess Hall on Friday. Albert Pruitt was the unanimous choice for president, while T.A. Standcliff and Walden Bassett were selected as vice presidents. Captain A.N. Carter was selected secretary of the local organization.

The boosters club, an organization put together last fall for the support of institute athletics, was re-organized for the coming season, and it’s organization is to be perfected in the near future. Prospects for a successful football season this year are very bright it was stated at the meeting by coach LT Godfrey. Graham, end, and Jordan, guard, are among last year’s men returning, while Blondie Hefner and Miller, tackles of the season, of two years ago, have signified their intentions of returning. The Foley brothers and McCommis I looked upon as backfield material this season. Quite a number of last year squad men are returning, and there are some 30 new cadets who are candidates for various positions on this year’s team, coach Godfrey stated.

Janice Dunnahoo is an archive volunteer at the Historical Society for Southeast New Mexico Archives. She can be reached at 575-622-1176 or email at jdunna@hotmail.com.

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