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All animals have a purpose


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God created all animals and they all have a purpose.

The dog is the one he chose to be a friend to man and he is. Dogs have been credited with saving many lives — finding people who are lost; eyes for the blind; ears for the deaf; sniffing out explosives, drugs and even cancer in people.

He always greets his master when he returns home, whether he had been gone 15 minutes or 15 days, and if you scold him, he doesn’t hold a grudge. Most people love their family dog and treat them as a member of their family.

On the other hand, some people will steal them, not caring that the owners will mourn them. I am told that they have different reasons for taking them — some hoping for a reward and some may just want the dog for themselves. No matter what the reason is for taking them, the owner is heartbroken when he doesn’t get his dog back.

When my dog was stolen, I drove the alleys trying to find him. I was amazed at how many backyards had family pets. Then, when I visited Animal Control — I saw all of these little guys frantically searching for a friend (some of them — I knew their time was up) and it brought a tear to my heart.

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There must be 10 to 15,000 dog owners living in Chaves County. Just think if we all just gave $1 a month, we could support a comfortable “no kill” farm or facility; just think, for just $12 a year from each dog owner. Dog lovers — let us hear your thoughts and views on this and let’s act on it quickly so we can spare some of the best friends’ lives.

Thurman R. Lester

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