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City gun proposal a terrible idea


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Our City Council will soon consider whether to adopt an ordinance permitting city employees to carry concealed firearms while on the job.

This is, understandably, a knee-jerk reaction to the shootings in the Clovis library a few weeks back, a reflex likely to be reinforced by the recent slaughter in Las Vegas. As we all learned in school, reflexes are controlled by the peripheral nervous system without conscious action by the brain. I am confident that when the Council members think this proposal through, they will conclude that it is a terrible idea, and reject it.

Violent events like those in Clovis are extremely rare, unpredictable, and all but impossible to prepare for. The presence of one or more armed employees is not likely to deter a lunatic from entering a public space and carrying out his violent design. If such a thing does happen, another person, an employee or citizen, adding to the lead flying through the air, is not likely to make anyone safer, in fact, can only increase the danger to the innocent.

Furthermore, when police arrive, they are bound to make anyone with a gun into a target on the assumption that any armed person is one of the perpetrators of the violent events. Is the Council prepared to handle wrongful-death suits likely to ensue if a city employee is killed by police because the Council let the employee carry a weapon?

Aside from these unlikely scenarios, consider the workaday world if guns are introduced to city facilities and work places — sooner or later there will be accidents, and it is not beyond reason to see a time when workplace quarrels end in shootings.

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I trust our councilors will consider these factors and reject the proposed ordinance out of hand.

Dave Clary

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