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Thanks for covering energy policy meeting


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Thank you for sending Mike Smith from your staff to cover our meeting (luncheon); we had a number of people in from Roswell as well as the two guest(s) speakers.

Dr. Dan Fine introduced the appointee, Dr. Van Romero (chief operating officer and vice president of research, and professor) who will be one of the key representatives of New Mexico in this multi-faceted committee on royalty policy on public lands.

He and representative(s) of various Indian tribes, as well as various other producing states and public stakeholders, will factor in on discussion about royalty policy and potential changes that can be brought to bear in promoting U.S.A. energy dominance for our safety, security and prosperity.

A nice contingent of local business people gathered to listen and interact with Dr. Van Romero in his new capacity to express hope that the business-like endeavors would improve in the Bureau of Interior to accomplish the secretary’s wishes. Thanks.

John Yates Jr.

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