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Science-fiction author to visit Saturday


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Author Larry Sydow will be visiting the library this Saturday to speak about his new book, “Parallel Missions.”

This science-fiction novel is about Derek and Margo Ackerman, an ordinary working couple looking forward to their retirement. By chance, they cross paths with a man named Tomas Talbert. After they save his life, Tomas recruits Derek and Margo to join him in creating a team to save not only their world, but Tomas’ parallel world, as well. Gifted with advanced knowledge and technology, the couple build their team, but their missions become increasingly more complex and dangerous. This program is open to all ages and is free to attend.

For more information, contact the library by calling 575-622-7101, visiting us at 301 N. Pennsylvania Ave. or the website at roswell-nm.gov.

Book Talk by Amanda Davis
Reference Librarian

Even before the movie became such a success recently, most people were familiar with Pennywise and the story of “IT” with this novel being one of Stephen King’s most popular works. The library has this book, but there are other King stories that have been recently adapted that are worth checking out, as well.

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“Gerald’s Game” recently premiered as a Netflix original movie, but this psychological horror story is taken from the book of the same name. When a husband and wife go away to an isolated cabin, he ends up dead from a heart attack and she is left trapped, bound to the bed. The terror of dying slowly isn’t the only terrible thing she has to contend with as she starts hallucinating her husband and others that force her to deal with past traumas, as she also experiences very real ones while she struggles to find a way to survive.

Another King story is a mini-series, “11/22/63” available on Hulu and now on DVD, as well. Since this one doesn’t fall under the “horror” category, it may be missed as also being adapted from a Stephen King novel. Still an intense story, it features a recently divorced man from Maine (of course!) who is given the opportunity to go back in time and stop the assassination of JFK. Trying to fight history, he struggles with this mission to change the future, especially when he comes attached to the past and a certain woman he falls in love with there. Romantic, sweet, sad and thrilling, it’s not what one usually thinks of with Stephen King, but is still a very engaging story to pick up. This one is also accessible in several different mediums at the library: audiobook, Spanish language and large print.

“The Dark Tower” is another King adaptation that recently made its debut, although it wasn’t as well-received as the three previously discussed ones. Hopefully that doesn’t preclude people from reading the first novel in the series called “The Gunslinger.” Available in eBook format, it follows an old, weary gunslinger from another world who is trying to catch his old mortal enemy, Walter, the man in black.

This other world seems to share some common features with ours, though how they’re connected is not readily apparent. Eventually, Gunslinger Roland encounters a young boy who instead of dying in Manhattan, has ended up in this strange place and ends up accompanying Roland on his quest and hears of his childhood and how he came to earn the title of Gunslinger, a title something akin to a knight in our world.

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