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Jurney didn’t force tax increases


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In response to my old friend Larry Connolly’s letter:

Larry you old dawg you, you must have anticipated exactly what I was thinking to get a letter in the paper so soon after mine. You are truly a worthy opponent, albeit a misinformed one. I’ve always avoided name calling when stating my case and you should as well. It’s not very becoming of you and I know you’re a better man than that, which leads me to believe that you may have had some help with your letter.

The issue is not whether Mayor Jurney supported the GRT increase for ENMU-R, the point is that he did not unilaterally force that tax increase on a public that didn’t support it. It appears that Mayor Kintigh has no conception of how beneficial transparency and democracy are in municipal government.

We are all aware the public hearings before the City Council meetings are little more than a dog-and-pony show as the councilors have already decided how the vote will go.

Evidently, if the citizens of Roswell need questions answered, we should now look to Larry Connolly instead of our elected officials.

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Larry, we should have coffee the next time you’re holding court at Starbucks.

Fred Moran


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