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Shunning homeless is shameful


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Congratulations Roswell. You have solved the homeless problem.

No one wants a tent village anywhere near where they live or work, no tent village where the poor and needy can be given a hand up. So it is voted down. No place for the homeless to go. Oh, I forgot. The Police Department has given the homeless notice to move on. Roswell doesn’t want you. Move on out! Where? Who knows? Except we do not want them here.

At a recent meeting, one coach opined that to help the homeless was to enable them to be homeless. Well, I suppose they could be taken to the city limits and told to leave. Then they would really be enabled to be homeless.

Roswell should be ashamed. This city and its people will be judged by God as to how we treat the poorest among us. Many in this city are one paycheck away from being in the same situation as many of our poor homeless folks. Many who are homeless could be assisted to get back on their feet and be in mainstream, productive society.

We should be there for our homeless neighbors. Anything less is cruel and heartless. Where are the churches in this city? If each church were to adopt one homeless couple, the problem would be greatly mitigated. We are witnessing live the story of the Good Samaritan. It would seem that the city and its people are walking by on the other side. That is really a sad commentary on where we are as a city.

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It is past time to do the right thing and find a place for these folks, where they can be helped to get on their feet. Anything less is a blot on who we are as a community. Make your voice heard in City Hall now, please.

The Rev. Robert J. Tally