Man breaks in police evidence cage; Suspect allegedly retrieved impounded property in broad daylight


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Surveillance footage from Roswell’s International UFO Museum’s perspective shows a man on an October morning approach a wall surrounding the Roswell Police Department and for a period of time – disappear.


According to court records, 32-year-old Clayton Pesek, of Lubbock, Texas, is believed to not only be the man wearing salmon-colored pants in the obtained video, but is accused of breaking and entering into the RPD’s evidence bay and recovering property from his own vehicle.

According to the RPD’s public information officer, Todd Wildermuth, this evidence area has never been broken into.

On Sept. 29, three days before the alleged break-in occurred, police responded to a call around 11:30 p.m. in reference to a drunk driver in a parking lot. Pesek and his girlfriend were parked at the Chaves County Juvenile Detention Center.

“Upon arrival, a black in color BMW was parked and (officers) did make contact with a male and female subject passed out in the car,” wrote RPD detective G.M. Fresquez in Pesek’s criminal complaint. “They were both placed under arrest for possession of drug paraphernalia.”

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As of Oct. 18, the damages to the east side of the evidence cages at the Roswell Police Department following the Oct. 2 break-in has since been repaired according to the RPD. Photo taken Oct. 18. (Trevier Gonzalez Photo)

Police said in the complaint that a syringe was hanging onto the skin of the woman’s right forearm.

“When Mr. Pesek stepped out of the vehicle, a glass pipe was laying on the seat and a black pouch and syringes were in the driver-door handle,” Fresquez wrote. “Officer Wood advised that she had learned from on-duty Sergeant Ricky Romero that he had observed bindles of meth and heroin inside of (a) black pouch.”

Pesek’s vehicle was later towed to the RPD, where it was stored away and secured into the evidence bay pending a search warrant.

Throughout this time, Pesek and his girlfriend, Stephanie Doss, had spent two days in jail.

After both were released around 2 p.m. on Oct. 1, they walked to the RPD to retrieve the towed vehicle. After being told by the front desk that the car was located at Tom’s Towing, they walked to the towing service.

The owner, however, advised the vehicle was still in a cage at the RPD. The couple was given a ride back to the police department where a sergeant advised that officers were waiting to do a search warrant on the vehicle. They were told to come back the next day on Oct. 2 at 4 p.m. to pick up the vehicle.

On Sept. 30, a day after the arrest, officer Wood entered Pesek’s vehicle to dispose of perishable items.

“She remembers seeing the black pouch and two syringes in the driver-side door of that vehicle,” Fresquez said. “She advised that she did not look inside of that pouch and only threw the perishables away.”

Authorities were unable to provide an answer as to whether or not the evidence bay area is monitored, but according to Pesek’s criminal complaint, Sgt. Albert Aldana of the Technical Services Unit maintains the evidence cages weekly.

On Oct. 2, three days after Pesek and his girlfriend were arrested, a search warrant for the vehicle was signed around 4:30 p.m. and executed on the same day.

“Officer Daniel asked officer Wood about the black pouch that was in the door handle of the vehicle. (Daniel) advised that officer Wood had said that it should still be in the vehicle,” Fresquez wrote. “Officers continued to search the vehicle and were not able to locate (a) syringe or the black pouch, and only one syringe was located.

“During the time of the search warrant, they observed the east side of the cage to be cut. It was believed that the items they were searching for in the vehicle were stolen and the cut area was where someone gained entry into the evidence cage.”

Police recorded that the money from Pesek’s wallet was gone, along with the girlfriend’s cellphone.

When the couple returned to the police department, an officer observed “fresh scratches” on Pesek’s forearm.

“Officer Daniel advised that he did ask Mr. Pesek how he had gotten those scratches and if he was climbing anything,” Fresquez said. “His reply was that they had slept on a large pallet the night before.”

The officer also noted that they were also carrying large drinks and was uncertain how they paid for them.

Pesek was also wearing a blue polo and salmon pants – the same clothes from when he was arrested.

Sgt. Aldana approved a voucher for the two to stay at the Crane Motel for the night.

Police were able to obtain footage of the shared alleyway between the International UFO Museum and Research Center. Two officers were able to recognize the male in the video as Pesek, who had disappeared behind a telephone pole at the RPD’s walls.

A warrant was issued for their room at the Crane Motel, where police came across a clear plastic bag with a crystalline substance, a black bag and an orange plastic container under the bed.

“It was the same container he found in the vehicle taken for the search warrant,” Fresquez said. “(Officer Daniel) advised that he also remembers seeing reading glasses in that vehicle and the same glasses were in the motel room.”

Tests were performed on the suspected methamphetamines and heroin found in the hotel. Both substances tested positive.

The damages to the east side of the evidence cage were estimated at $1,000 and have since been repaired, according to the RPD.

Wildermuth said there has been no reason for concern in reference to the location of the evidence cage prior to this incident.

The fourth-degree felonies Pesek is charged with include non-residential burglary, tampering with evidence, breaking and entering, possession of burglary tools and two counts of possession of a controlled substance.

In addition, Pesek is charged with use or possession of burglary tools, a misdemeanor and criminal damage to property, a petty misdemeanor.

Pesek has a preliminary examination set for Tuesday in Chaves County Magistrate Court before Judge E. J. Fouratt.

To view the surveillance footage of the alleged break-in, go to

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