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Artesia PD thanks Concho


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The Artesia Police Department would like to thank the Concho Oil and Gas Co. for their donation of $1,000 to help move our opioid antagonist program along.

Based on growing trends concerning opioid overdoses nationwide, in April 2017, a bill was signed into law mandating that local law enforcement agencies develop training and policy concerning opioid overdose recognition and treatment as well as supply treatment options to officers to use on the streets. The generous grant of the COG Co. will allow us to purchase storage options for the treatment medication that coincide with our desert environment. It will also help with tracking and securing the medication as well.

There are several aspects of a protection program come from a different angle than just illicit drug users. They are aspects of protection of children who might accidentally be exposed to these substances; children who might be intentionally given these substances unlawfully by an adult to a level where they were affected adversely; or a public safety official, through some type of lawful act like searching a person or place, accidentally being contaminated by a substance capable of immediately effecting them. Another possible example is an elderly person who takes their prescribed medication but does not remember doing so and takes a second dose. Any or all of the above persons could be contaminated to the point of showing symptoms and subsequently being adversely affected in an immediate, emergent sense and/or a long term chronic sense because of such contamination. Realistically, the legislation is pointed primarily at those that might have undergone some diagnosis with a continual problem with addiction, but the fact remains the drug Naloxone (the treatment option mentioned above) works on innocent people who were contaminated just as well as those who intentionally ingest controlled substances into their bodies. This is the basis for our program.

Again, thank you to COG for their support.

L. Smith
Artesia Police Department

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