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Moran should rethink his choices


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Before the sun had even risen on Tuesday, our very well-trained and well-loved family dog, as usual, bolted out the front door and raced down the driveway, only to skid to a stop so that she could sniff and fetch our RDR newspaper. She immediately started to growl so loudly that I was afraid she would awake all of her four-legged neighborhood friends to make a cacophony of displeasure and outrage.

Her sensitive nose had alerted her that the lovable Roswell Democratic Party pit bull, Fred Moran, must have written another letter to the editor, and he had the audacity to deposit in her driveway and in her neighborhood. Having been forewarned, I rushed into the garage to get a shovel, a clothespin for my nose and a flashlight so that I could read page A4 without soiling the interior of our abode.

It is now late October and early voting at city hall for our citywide election races doesn’t begin until Feb. 14 and ends at the close of the business day on March 6. OMG, there’s still over 125 days until silly season is over. You must realize that winter is coming. It’s bad enough that I might have to shovel snow, but the thought of having to shovel your future steamy letters to the editor just might force me to rent or buy a snow blower for the duration of this election.

My advice to you would be to reconsider your political philosophy and candidate choices, or people will really know that you’re as “loonie” as that Canadian dollar from your homeland, and your ticket to the loony bin might get punched.

Larry Connolly

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