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Bringing attention to gun control


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As a believer in the “right to bear arms,” I believe everyone worldwide should have the right to carry a gun on his or her person, or car, whether concealed or not. If concealed, it is not to alarm your co-worker or others. I think about the “old west” when 70 percent of men wore a gun on their hip.

I’ve not heard of a massive shooting taking place during this period. Have you? Somehow that arm was a symbol of respect. Respect among men, respect for women, respect for countryman and honor in how we treated one another. What has happened to this respect and honor that once characterized our society and our daily lives?

Needless to say, the rules to possess a gun have changed and warrant serious consideration because I, for one, do not want to give up my right to bear arms. What should the minimum age be? What affects will a thorough and complete background check and proper fingerprints have on one’s right to own and carry a gun? How does proper training by the police, sheriff, state police, national guard or others have on how to or when to use your arm have these days, given the unsavory use by reckless individuals? Given this, I should have the right to protect myself, my family and others and live in a safe and peaceful community.

Like our fine professionals in law enforcement, the use of a firearm in a “shooting” situation requires that innocent citizens not be placed in the line of fire. Needless to say, no one wants to kill or put others in jeopardy — even when it comes to self-defense or to save others whose lives are being threatened by the lawless.

Fetes from “Gun Smoke,” or Barney Fife of the “Andy Griffith Show” would know what to do in these situations and they would act accordingly. They would be backed by witnesses on the scene that would say, “He did the right thing.” I say, let me keep my handgun and let me do the right thing — if and when I ever have to.

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I wrote this letter on Aug. 16, but after Oct. 2, I am following up on it to bring attention to the topic of gun control and hopefully remind us of the need to be able to protect ourselves. Who can I call or write to so the importance of this subject is not lost?

As Rick Kraft would say: “Just a thought.” Mr. Kraft may not agree with me — but, the bad guys can get guns — and we need protection!

Joe Velasquez